Learn About Huntington’s Kitchen

A Place to Learn, Eat and Enjoy Life

Our goal at the Kitchen is to serve more people, provide more classes, and change the way our community views and interacts with food!

What’s New and Coming?

  • Upgraded the space and the equipment.
  • New outreach opportunities to the community that include classroom and event activities.
  • Expanded class offerings like Kitchen 101, Knife Skills, and more!
  • More classes for kids!
  • More classes for adults and seniors!

Among those the Kitchen hopes to reach are Marshall University students, young people from area middle schools and high schools, residents of recovery centers, and owners and customers of local businesses.

New Classes

Expanding course offerings will include seniors classes, “Dining with a Doc,” “Moms in the Morning,” and various corporate events, plus one-on-one and family training. These classes will often feature guest instructors – including professional chefs – who will provide valuable insights and expertise.

Leading this effort is our new Head Chef Isabel Cross, a veteran of 20 years of teaching culinary arts. A native of Venezuela, Isabel has a college degree from Andres Bello Catholic University, a culinary arts degree from the Centro Venezolano de Capacitacion Gastronomica, and a Master’s in Communications Studies degree focused in Organizational Communication from Marshall University. She and husband Mark operate the restaurant, 21 at the Frederick, winner of 10 consecutive “Best Steak” titles in the Huntington Herald-Dispatch’s reader choice awards.

These new outreaches will solidify the Kitchen’s reputation as a place where you and other like-minded folks can gather in an atmosphere of togetherness and cultural exchange. Through cooking classes, you can acquire valuable techniques and insights into different cuisines, traditions, and perspectives. Novice cooks can benefit from learning basic skills in a supportive environment. From understanding different techniques to mastering knife skills, you can gain the confidence to navigate the kitchen with ease. For more experienced cooks and aspiring chefs, Huntington’s Kitchen offers opportunities to refine their talents and expand culinary horizons.

Specialized Classes

Specialized classes focused on specific cuisines, baking, or advanced techniques will allow you to deepen your knowledge and challenge your creativity. Beyond teaching practical skills, Huntington’s Kitchen classes promote healthy eating habits and sustainable food practices. People like you will learn about the nutritional values of various ingredients and how to prepare healthy meals to nourish your body.

Huntington’s Kitchen is proud to be a member of the Teaching Kitchen Collaborative.